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This page is dedicated to helping volunteers and the community  with public safety. The staff of
IRED is all working within public safety as either EMS or Firefighting. Check out our pictures and our mission. We are currently looking for Volunteers and for donations of Medical supplies and Firefighting supplies.

Nepal Disaster Relief and Response

As many of you have heard, the earthquake in Nepal has devastated the area and many lives have been lost.

We currently have a team on the ground providing aid and your help is needed. We are planning a shipment of supplies from the USA to Nepal on 16 March. This will resupply the team.

We will ship from Florida and we will also Ship from the Philippines. Any and all donations is appreciated.


Please E-Mail for direct donations and pictures of the response:

You can use the paypal donation link on the right hand side of the page or E-Mail:


We are in need of medical donations and other rescue supplies. We are also in need of airline tickets. We would also accept airline miles as donations.


China and the Philippines medical missions

Over the past few months, we have successfully conducted a series of medical missions in the Philippines and in China. Both countries offer different cultures and amazing people.

We also conducted the first ever Emergency First Response training class in Hefei, China and issued certifications. We had a great time in class and the students did an outstanding job.



Rescue Diver Training

IRED is now raising money to certify volunteer rescuers how to dive. We will certify them with:

PADI Open Water

PADI Advanced Open Water

PADI Rescue Diver



We need to raise $9000.00 USD to be able to certify the volunteers that are doing this job already but are not certified. Since they are doing this, we want to make sure they are safe and to give back to the community.


If your interested in helping this cause, please visit:

 Gofundme site


Typhoon Ondoy Response

These pictures are from our Response to Typhoon Ondoy.


Typhoon Ondoy Response 8224_167128163904_830548904_2547699_6198010_n 8224_167128178904_830548904_2547701_3026983_n flood3 flood5 flood7 flood8 flood9 floodway Image0512 Image0515 Image0522 Image0524 Image0534 Image0535 Image0536 Image0543 Image0544 Image0545 Image0546 ortigas1 ortigas2 ortigas3 ortigas5 ortigas7 P02-10-09_16.54 P02-10-09_16.54[1] P02-10-09_16.54[2] P02-10-09_17.41 P03-10-09_00.06 P03-10-09_02.44 P03-10-09_08.33 P03-10-09_19.39 P03-10-09_19.39[1] P03-10-09_19.40 P03-10-09_19.45 P03-10-09_19.45[1] P04-10-09_00.19 P04-10-09_00.19[1] P04-10-09_00.19[2] P15-10-09_20.22 P15-10-09_23.38 P15-10-09_23.38[1] P15-10-09_23.40 tcsatpic

New donations campaign

Since we are in need of donations, I created a page for donations:




When people donate and let me know who they are, I will post  a message here to thank thank then for their kind donation.


Vehicle Search

Since we have had a difficult year, we are starting over with not much. So far, we have some rescue gear and need to get more. We are looking to acquire a vehicle. Looking for either a Ford Ranger 4X4 or Jeep Wrangler 4X4 has been a tough task and still no luck. We are looking for a vehicle for the Philippines operations and for the US operations. We will not turn down other vehicles but we are looking for the Jeep or Ford because parts are easy to get and maintenance is also relatively easy. As you know, disaster areas can really beat up a vehicle and to have the parts you need when you need them and the ability to work on your vehicle is important when it comes to saving lives.


If you know anyone willing to donate a vehicle, please let us know at Jason@ired.us

We are looking fro sponsors for vehicles and for gear to put in the vehicles. We will list the gear needed when we get the vehicle.


Thank you all for your support over the last few months. Your support has allowed us to operate and help others. Your generous gifts this December allowed us to travel to different areas offering medical missions and medications to people who lost everything.


Happy Holidays from IRED


IRED1 (2)

Thank you for your kind donations.

Thank you to:

Fleeman, Anderson & Bird Corp (www.fab-corp.com)







Tessco (www.tessco.com)






Petzl (www.petzl.com)





For your help in securing donations for disaster relief operations after Super Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines.




Thank you to Sharon Gribbens for helping get medical supplies to help treat wounds and trauma patients.

We have received a ton of help securing donations from Joost Boer and his Friends. Not only did they help secure some rescue gear but they were able to help sponsor medications and medical supplies for around 100 patients to be treated. While purchasing the donations, the company we were buying from donated the entire order so that freed up the money to buy even more supplies so instead of treating around 20 to 30 patients, we have enough supplies to treat around 100 patients with FULL treatments and prescriptions for up to 7 days per person. Maraming maraming salamat Sir Joost and Friends from the Netherlands and abroad.

Expedition Plus located in Makati and Oscar Fortunato has helped us be donating some items and also for providing help in procuring equipment.



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As you know, Super Typhoon Yolanda made landfall with over 305KPH winds and gusts over 370KPH and caused a tremendous amount of damage to buildings, vehicles, and most importantly the families living within its path. Please donate to help the families rebuild.

If you could find it in your heart to donate, please do as it will help save lives.

Paypal: jasonmcdonald2002@hotmail.com

Airport damage

Western Union:

Name: Jason McDonald

Country: Philippines

I would need the MTCN, senders name, and amount donated. Then, when you E-Mail me that information, please let me know if you want to remain anonymous or not so I can post it on the website.

If you donate, please E-Mail me at Jason@ired.us with your information so you can receive credit for the donation.



The shipping address is:

IRED – C/O Jason McDonald

3322 MET-1 Citiland Sq.

Brgy. Pio Del Pilar

Gil Puyat Ave, Makati, 1230 Philippines



The first few donations have been sent to Pateros Volunteer and Everest Volunteer and more donations are on their way. For pictures, please click on the donations link. We have categorized the donations and will post more pictures as soon as the donations arrive in the Philippines. We have already delivered some donations to Pateros Volunteer and Everest Volunteer as well as other volunteer brigades.

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