Thank you for your kind donations.

Thank you to:

Fleeman, Anderson & Bird Corp (







Tessco (






Petzl (





For your help in securing donations for disaster relief operations after Super Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines.




Thank you to Sharon Gribbens for helping get medical supplies to help treat wounds and trauma patients.

We have received a ton of help securing donations from Joost Boer and his Friends. Not only did they help secure some rescue gear but they were able to help sponsor medications and medical supplies for around 100 patients to be treated. While purchasing the donations, the company we were buying from donated the entire order so that freed up the money to buy even more supplies so instead of treating around 20 to 30 patients, we have enough supplies to treat around 100 patients with FULL treatments and prescriptions for up to 7 days per person. Maraming maraming salamat Sir Joost and Friends from the Netherlands and abroad.

Expedition Plus located in Makati and Oscar Fortunato has helped us be donating some items and also for providing help in procuring equipment.



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