Typhoon Ondoy Response

These pictures are from our Response to Typhoon Ondoy.


Typhoon Ondoy Response 8224_167128163904_830548904_2547699_6198010_n 8224_167128178904_830548904_2547701_3026983_n flood3 flood5 flood7 flood8 flood9 floodway Image0512 Image0515 Image0522 Image0524 Image0534 Image0535 Image0536 Image0543 Image0544 Image0545 Image0546 ortigas1 ortigas2 ortigas3 ortigas5 ortigas7 P02-10-09_16.54 P02-10-09_16.54[1] P02-10-09_16.54[2] P02-10-09_17.41 P03-10-09_00.06 P03-10-09_02.44 P03-10-09_08.33 P03-10-09_19.39 P03-10-09_19.39[1] P03-10-09_19.40 P03-10-09_19.45 P03-10-09_19.45[1] P04-10-09_00.19 P04-10-09_00.19[1] P04-10-09_00.19[2] P15-10-09_20.22 P15-10-09_23.38 P15-10-09_23.38[1] P15-10-09_23.40 tcsatpic

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