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Many SaaS applications contain a number of agreements, including terms and conditions of sale or terms of use (ToS), privacy policies, disclaimers and additional advice. Therefore, a maintenance or support service clause in a SaaS agreement makes no sense. Before using a model, companies should consider whether the use of a lawyer is commercially justified. Content: What is actually covered by your document? The types of clauses you will find in a SaaS contract in a long form are listed below. Make sure the model you`ve chosen covers all or most of the required themes. You can consider a simpler SaaS agreement for your customers. While Y-Combinator`s aforementioned SaaS agreement is sound, you need to be aware of its limitations: SaaS agreements are designed to be used in situations where parties sign documents. In many cases, however, a SaaS contract can be entered into by the parties who agree to a service order form, whether online or offline. In these cases, the “Terms and Conditions” versions of SaaS documents are more appropriate. SEQ Legal`s main business is the sale and supply of models. Nevertheless, we believe that there are many circumstances in which you should use a lawyer instead of a legal document. We publish a series of saaS contracts and hosted services.

Each document is available in two forms: as a downloadable MS Word template on website contracts and as an online document in Docular. With Docular, you edit the document online and after editing the download on your computer. You can download at any time in a variety of formats. If you have warranties for your SaaS app, include them in the SaaS agreement. The same applies if you do not ask for guarantees. If you are a data processor, you and your processor are required under the RGPD to enter into a written agreement on how you handle personal data. This written agreement must be in line with the specific, often cumbersome, requirements of Article 28 of the RGPD. Soffront provides customer relationship management services and online and on-site marketing.


Working Agreement Draft

Non-compete obligation (or non-competition obligation): A non-competition obligation prevents the employee from working for direct competitors of the company during and after the end of his employment relationship. Non-compete obligations generally apply for a certain period after termination and must meet certain requirements that must be applied. B for example, restriction to an appropriate geographical […]