Silversea Booking Ticket Agreement

Especially with regard to insurance in the US market: AON & Allianz insurance policies are now fully refundable in case Silversea cancels the trip and thus cancels customers` active booking due to our cruise cancellation. ^^ The Venetian Society Days double action applies only to FCC, which is offered as compensation for the cruise cancelled by Silversea. The customer collects the days of the Venetian Company of the reservation initially canceled and the days related to the new reservation. If subsequent cruises, which were booked with the FCC on the first trip cancelled, are also cancelled, then those cruises do NOT deserve Veneto Society cruise days. Venetian Society cruise days are earned on the cancelled 1st cruise and on the last cruise where the original FCC is applied after the last cruise. It is combinable with all public rates and promotions without discounted prices and net offers. Reserved only for guests included in the original booking…


Working Agreement Draft

Non-compete obligation (or non-competition obligation): A non-competition obligation prevents the employee from working for direct competitors of the company during and after the end of his employment relationship. Non-compete obligations generally apply for a certain period after termination and must meet certain requirements that must be applied. B for example, restriction to an appropriate geographical […]