Tumut Brungle Area Agreement

The possibility of a Memorandum of Understanding was first raised in 2006 in the Aboriginal community at a family reunion and then developed over the next few years. The idea was to protect the rich Aboriginal culture in the areas of Kosciuszko National Park, north of Happy Jacks and Tolbar Streets, as well as in the tumut Brungle Aboriginal Lands Council reserves. The Aboriginal Community of Tumut Brungle Gundagai has agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. It includes partnership in the management of parks in the Tumut region, the creation of employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal people, and the protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage, artifacts and sites. In May 2011, the relationship between NPWS and the Tumut Brungle Gundagai Area Aboriginal community was formalized by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This memorandum guarantees the participation of the local Aboriginal community in the management of culturally important areas of the Northern Kosciuszko National Park. The agreement also ensures that any Aboriginal interpretive material will be circulated for approval before being made available to the public and that programmes for the identification of cultural sites in the landscape will be developed in consultation with the Aboriginal community. Indeed, the agreement maintains the Aboriginal heritage of Kosciuszko National Park at the heart of the park`s management. Foley`s List considers its barristers to be one of the leading authorities in their fields of activity. Our Barristers CPD Resource List is pleased to share the knowledge and expertise of its most experienced and emerging barristers. Representatives from 18 of the 24 Aboriginal and advisory boards established through formal agreements with the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) participate.

Foley`s List welcomes the expressions of interest in admitting to the Melbourne Barrister List candidates from all legal fields (thriller, family, business and others) at all levels of experience. The Brungle Post Office opened on January 1, 1868 and closed in 1975. [3] Brungle is home to a large waradajhi community. Brungle Public School is proof of this with its sign at the front of the school, written in the local Aboriginal language that tells Gadhang Burri Yalbillinga what Happy Children Learn means. The school was founded as early as 1868 and has an enrollment of about 26 students in two classes, of which about 56% are waradajhis. [4] You can return to our homepage or try to search for the content with the search tool below. This joint management programme ensures that the Aboriginal community and the NPWS cooperate with recognition and respect. It promotes employment and training opportunities for the municipality and ensures that park staff appreciate the cultural importance of the country. . .



Working Agreement Draft

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