Webex Service Agreement

1.1.3. Areas. The customer agrees that Cisco Webex is only available in the countries listed here: help.webex.com/en-us/n6fwepj/Where-is-Cisco-Webex-Available. 12.8. Exports. Cisco software, cloud services, products, technologies, and services (collectively, “Cisco Products”) are subject to U.S. and local export control and sanctions laws. You acknowledge and agree to the applicability and compliance with such laws, and you will not obtain, use, transfer, export, or re-export Cisco products in the same manner as it would cause Cisco to violate such laws. You also agree to obtain any necessary licenses or permissions. 7.3. Exclusions. Cisco is not required to meet any IP requirements based on (a) compliance with any designs, specifications, or requirements that you or any third party provide on your behalf; (b) your modification of a Cisco technology or a modification by a third party; (c) the amount or duration of use of Cisco Technology, the revenue you have generated, or the services you offer; (d) the combination, operation or use of Cisco technology with non-Cisco products, software or business processes; (e) your inability to modify or replace Cisco technology in accordance with Cisco`s requirements; or (f) Cisco technology, which is available free of charge, on a beta or evaluation basis. Voice cloud services, as described in the Cloud Voice Service Description, are only provided by the provider in the available countries listed in this service description.

Regardless of where Customer chooses to use the Telephony Services, Customer is responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations and obtaining all applicable permits and licenses related to such use. The Customer hereby indemnifies the Supplier and its Suppliers from any liability, loss or damage that may result from the deactivation or separation of the User`s services by the Supplier and its Suppliers due to the Customer`s failure to comply with its obligations under this article. “Available Countries” means the countries where the Services are available. 1.1.1. Description of the service and requirements. Cisco cloud services for collaboration technology are subject to the appropriate service description, which includes user obligations….


Working Agreement Draft

Non-compete obligation (or non-competition obligation): A non-competition obligation prevents the employee from working for direct competitors of the company during and after the end of his employment relationship. Non-compete obligations generally apply for a certain period after termination and must meet certain requirements that must be applied. B for example, restriction to an appropriate geographical […]