This page is dedicated to keeping you informed about training that we are offering.

We have partnered with schools throughout the Philippines to offer the following courses:

First Aid


Wilderness First Responder

First Responder


Wilderness EMT Upgrade

SCUBA Diving (Open water, Advanced, Rescue, and Nitrox)

Technical Rescue

Tactical Combat Casualty Care

And more to come in the future so keep checking back.

The best thing about our training is that we only train volunteers in the community. The cost for training is currently for donation only. We want you trained to the highest standard but we are a volunteer organization and understand that if your a volunteer, you need help sometimes as well.

17 thoughts on “Training

  1. Good Day
    How would i receive this kinds of training’s like Wilderness EMS and Scuba Diving and how Much is the FEE

    Thank You.

    1. Hello,

      We have training located in Sampaloc Manila. You would need to go to the training center to inquire about pricing. Is it just you or your group that wants training? I searched and it seems your a member of UN- White Helmets, SARTAG, and SOG so would be pretty well trained but its good to see you are looking into more training. Refresher courses and first time courses are great because they keep your skills sharp. Please E-Mail me for details.

      Take care,


  2. Good Day Sir/Maam,

    I’m james richard co, from tarlac, philippines. a member of the tarlac volunteer fire brigade. a non-stock non-profit organization, aim to help our community during fire / emergency, but due to financial shortage we cannot afford to buy gears / equipment for our selves, we rely from generous donor and other people who wish to help us. as i was reading this page of yours, i notice this line “dedicated to helping volunteers and the community with public safety. ” i was hoping that maybe your organization could help us in anyway, so that we can help also our community especially during emergency.

    Thank you and God Bless

    yours truly
    James Richard Co
    Tarlac Volunteers Fire Brigade

    1. James,

      The first step would be to send me an E-Mail at and send me pictures of what you currently have. Then send me training documents of any group or outside trainings and when they last occurred. Also let me know how many medical and fire responses you have had in the the past year and include how many people on your unit responded.

      Also, a great help to being well prepared is to have knowledge, training is key to having success in fire suppression.

      Take care,


  3. im a volunteer member of ermita malate fire rescue,hope that we at our brigade can get a chance to have also a training from you……

  4. Hi there Sir Jason! its nice to know that there are people like you, you are a great help in the fire volunteer community here in the philippines.
    looking forward to see and dine with you again.

    take care always and more power!

    Armando F. Canto III
    Fire Officer
    Malabon Filipino Chinese Fire Volunteer Association Inc.

  5. good day ser jason , can we invite you to be a guest speaker for the rotary club meeting.? hope we could be a partner in service ser. my cell number is 09185101010,0922-8911446. my email add you can text or call me anytime ser. tnx see you soon ser.

  6. Hello sir, this is nice to hear that they are people working also to help also EMS, fire and rescue the way i am Francisco N. Decena, a volunteer from Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade, in BAcolod City , Negros Occidental. we do have Fire, EMS and rescue Service and also our Small safety academy. Is it possible if we could invite you here in bacolod city to help us update, train and share your expertise.if its okay with you sir??

  7. Good day Sir!

    I am just wondering how can I enroll myself in one of your Tactical Combat Casualty Care trainings? Are there any prerequisites?

    Thank you and God Bless!


  8. hi there i read all the wounder stuff about your group and all of that. im interested to join a group of volunteers ever since. i was a member before of our University Advance rescue and respond unit back in college and was the team leader till i end school. and i have the passion to this kind of work how would i be able to join your group or avail of your training?

  9. Good day sir!… i just want to ask if every individual can acquired training from you even though there is no experience and other related training from the past…if yes, how can i know the availability and the schedule of trainings and also how much is the training fee ….. Thank You Sir… More Power

  10. Sir can ask where exactly in sampaloc, manila your good office? Because im very much interested to the courses you offered in your training page especially the tactical combat casualty care… thanks again sir , by the way sir im from Quezon Province, Philippines.. thanks again sir…….

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