Purpose: To educate groups and individuals in response to emergencies and disasters.

Objective: To give an equal opportunity to the underprivileged to be educated in Emergency Services and disasters both domestic and abroad.

Founded in 2008, IRED has gone through a few different design updates and IRED is currently engaged in accepting donations for different projects (We prefer equipment donations). One of the goals of IRED is to train individuals and groups that made a difference in the community. In order to do this, IRED has teamed up with different organizations to provide US certifications  in First Aid, BLS, ACLS, First Responder, Wilderness First Responder, and Wilderness EMT upgrade at little cost. Another goal of IRED is to provide those we train and underprivileged Fire/Rescue/EMS units with donated supplies from around the world. IRED has already given over 5000.00 USD worth of medicines and supplies to the Philippines and will continue to serve the community.

Sadly, there are many volunteers in the world that do not have the items they need to succeed in their mission to help others and thats where we come in. We are trying to offer something that not many organizations do. We will not only donate supplies and equipment to untits, but we will train them as well. Then, if there is a disaster in their area, we will deploy a team there to help them.

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  1. Hello fellow firefighter!

    I am BM De Mesa, President and Fire Chief of Manila East Volunteer Fire and Rescue Brigade here in Cainta, Rizal Philippines. Manila East was created soon after typhoon “Ondoy” (Ketsana) last October 2009. Our group decided to put up the first volunteer fire brigade here in Rizal Province which in the eastern metropolis side of Metro Manila in order to basically help the community in times of need.

    The primordial reason for its establishment was precisely to augment the capacity and capability of the Bureau of Fire Prevention (government) in battling and suppressing the incidence of fire not only in Rizal Province but in other areas of Metro Manila and nearby provinces as well, with the end mission of saving lives and properties.

    Since its inception, the volunteers of Manila East have on several occasions displayed its ability in putting out fire and augmenting government’s operation during fire exigencies. Right now we rely only on the training that a few of us have undergone and still need continued education on a lot of aspects. Currently out of 15 members only four (4)can wear the complete set of PPE which was procured by the group through its solicitations and some financial donations.

    We are seeking assistance and donations from fire brigades all over the world in which we have been sending emails. I would like to ask help from IRed if you can spare old/used equipments like fire bunkers (upper & lower), helmets, boots and other equipments you may send.

    Volunteer fire units here in the Philippines do not receive any form of stipend from the government and rely only from its officers, members and civic minded people like you in order to continue serving their communities.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you or your brigade can extend.

    Our address is:
    Manila East Volunteer Fire and Rescue Brigade
    c/o CAPT BM DE MESA PN (M)
    BRAI Office Ynares Building
    Bedford Street, Brookside Hills Subd.
    San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines 1900

    You may also email me at: bmdemesa@yahoo.com

  2. Hi Mr. De Mesa. I have always been interested to one Fire Volunteer or Emergency Responder. I am from Cainta, Rizal, and would be grateful if you could provide more info on training and if any existing Volunteer group here in our area.
    My cousin, who have migrated to US, was a Volunteer at San Andres, Manila. He has inspired me, unfortunately, he has migrated to the US.
    Thank you for your time. And heartfelt thank you for your assistance in times of emergencies and disasters.

    Best regards.

    Jack Chua

    1. Jack,

      You can go to Binondo and Volunteer with TXTFire Volunteer or you can find another volunteer unit closer to you. There are many good volunteer units in Pasig that you can volunteer with.

      Take care,

      Jason McDonald

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